What do patients say about Dr. Sinyai?

"Dr. Sinyai is a fantastic optometrist in the Arlington/Falls Church VA area.  I needed a reputable doctor when my infant son accidentally scratched my eye.  I found Dr. Sinyai, and I couldn't have been happier with my experience.  She moved appointments around and traveled to her Falls Church office to meet me on the day of the incident - within just three hours of my call.  She did not rush the appointment - in fact, just the opposite, she took the time to get to know me and really study my eye to make sure she was treating the issue correctly.  The remedy she provided was spot on, and I was back in action after just 24 hours. I subsequently returned to Dr. Sinyai for follow-up appointments to check the condition of my eye, as well as to have my annual eye exam.  She is thorough, yet efficient.  She has a memory like no other and continues to ask about my family.  She is a true professional and extremely knowledgeable.I highly recommend Dr. Sinyai"  

"She has been my eye doctor since probably 2009 or 2010. I've had Pleasant experiences with every visit and now my wife sees her as well. She does very thorough and accurate exams and I would recommend her to anyone :-) "

"Highly recommend Dr. Sinyai. She was able to make the appointment quickly, I didn't wait long in the waiting room despite being a new patient, and she took her time with the appointment and didn't rush. She is very kind and thorough, and answered any questions I had."

"Outstanding, kind, thorough, and efficient eye care. I highly recommend this independent optometrist in the heart of Falls Church City."

"Simply put, Dr. Sinyai gave me the best eye exam I've ever gotten. I was having contact problems ever since I went to [optometric chain store] in Clarendon and Dr. Sinyai quickly corrected my issues. Apparently, the [chain store] exam resulted in my contact being an entire point to high on each side, which was leading to my red, constantly itchy eyes. Since visiting Dr. Sinyai, I haven't had a single contact issue. She recommend new contacts, which worked wonderfully. As long as I live in the area, I won't go to anyone else. She was quick, professional. thorough, and friendly. GREAT experience."

"I had at least five eye exams in the past three years. NONE gave such a thorough exam as Dr. Sinyai. She discovered scars, early cataracts and other potential problems that were never once mentioned in previous exams! She spent 1.5 hours and fitted me with correct eye wear. Even made an appointment for me to see a specialist concerning retina scaring. Very impressive! My wife followed my exam and was equally impressed. If you need a good eye exam, I highly recommend Dr. Sinyai."

"Yesterday, my husband and I had appointments with Dr. Sinyai. She has been my husband's go to gal for all things eye related for years. I finally succumbed to the fact that I probably needed glasses and agreed to go, too. At the last minute our 8 yr old wanted a check up too and told us she had had trouble seeing when reading. We had such a fun family outing I cannot even describe it. Dr. Sinyai was able to include our daughter on no notice and made the exams fun and exciting. While waiting for the doctor to return to the exam room I said to my daughter "Sorry we didnt do anything fun today" as the end of summer vacation is approaching and I was busy running errands all day. She replied, "Oh mommy! THIS was fun!!!" I highly recommend you take the whole family to see Dr. Sinyai. She did a thorough job and made the experience fun for all of us!!"

"Dr. Sinyai is very friendly and very focused on your individual needs and doesn't try to get you to buy unnecessary eye stuff. Her exam is quick and easy, she gives you tons of samples of contacts, solution, etc. I told her my trouble with contacts drying my eyes out, and she let me try a few pairs til I was comfortable. She also made sure I understood how to get the rebate from my contact company when I bought new contacts. She doesn't rush you, focuses on your issues. My husband has since been and had the same experience."

"Dr. Sinyai gave me the best eye exam I've had since college -- and I'm 57. For the past 10 years, I've had trouble getting an accurate eye exam that ended up in a problem-free prescription. Wow -- she nailed a complicated prescription. (She said it didn't seem to complicated to her -- but it had been for other doctors.) I would send my kids to her, if they lived near me. She's efficient, incredibly thorough (the most tests I've had in years!), and also has a nice selection of frames to choose from."